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Taking Better Pictures from your Smart Phone


I do try to convince my clients to have their guests avoiding pulling their phones out, but if they can't resist, at least have them know what they are doing!

Here are three tips on taking better pictures with your phone.
(Inside and Outside)

  1. Rule #1 - STOP ZOOMING
    When you zoom with your phone, it's digitally zooming the picture which destroys the quality with each and every spread of your two fingers. Your best bet is to take the picture as is, and then cropping the image later on. This will result in a much better quality photo.
    Nothing destroys as image faster than a blast to the face with your phone's "flash". Try to use natural lighting when available, and if it's not available there are still some ways to take the shot. You can take full advantage of the lights inside the venue if you capture your shot at the precise moment where the spotlight reaches your subject.

    Another Pro Tip would be to have a friend turn on their flash light to light your subjects from above the phone's view that's taking the picture, so it's a much softer light. 

    In the end, if a flash is necessary to get the shot; a bad shot is better than no shot.
  3. Find a Good Smart Phone Lens Kit
    A good phone lens can go a long way to improve the quality and creativity of your shot. I'll put a link to the one I use for my iPhone 6S Plus below. It doesn't beat a professional camera but it does add some style to your phone pictures. This lens also works with your Samsung Galaxy and most other phones.

    Recommended Lens Kit

It's just three simple steps but it can definitely go a long way when your guests send you picture after picture or post them on their social accounts.