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It would be an honor and a privilege to capture your most memorable day


how it all started...

My love for photography was strong right at the beginning. To enter someone's life and create something that they will hold onto forever almost seemed God like. I feel as if I have a duty now, and that is to create something that is timeless, fade-proof, and full of life, joy, and happiness. Thank you for letting me create, capture, and immortalize your special day.

a little about myself

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and then made the move to Staten Island at a very young age. I was always a creative, I just never found my true medium. I played guitar for 12 years, played in a band for 8, and we even got to the point of recording our own album. As exciting as this was at that point in my life, I knew it wasn't something I wanted to do forever. I eventually found something that set off a spark. Maybe even a firework. Photography.

As soon as I touched my very first camera, I was hooked. I knew I was holding something special, maybe even magical. The feeling of immortalizing a moment in time for it to live on forever, was unreal. So unreal that I knew this was my calling.

In 2015 I married the love of my love. A girl that I had a crush on since I was sixteen, yet we never had gotten close. I knew the time would come, and of course it has. Another girl entered my life, and I thought it would be impossible to love someone else as much as I love my wife, and I was wrong. Our daughter Zoe has been a burst of light in our lives, and she has created such a strong foundation in this family and within my passion that I strive to improve every single day. I never settle for comfort, I strive to grow to better myself for my family, my clients, and myself.


All photography provided by Matthew Gambino.


breaking the ice

Now that you had a chance to learn about me, my life, and my passion, it's time for me to learn about you. Please contact me with as much detail as possible, because I love meeting new people, making new friends, and making sure that I am the absolute perfect fit for your special day. Choosing a photographer is more than just budget a creativity. It's also a balance between comfortability and harmony. I cannot wait to meet you.