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About Matthew


I'm Matthew Gambino and I'm a Staten Island, NY based Wedding and Event Photographer. Thank you for visiting my site!

When I'm not taking pictures I'm either enjoying the day with my wife and our daughter Zoe, or taking care of our pet Sphynx, Yoshi (Pictures Below)

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York and now living in Staten Island, New York I have been involved in many different businesses, hobbies, activities, yet I never found my true passion while passing through all of those ventures. From dental classes, to selling expensive knives door to door, I felt like I've been through it all, until I found photography. Nothing stuck with me so hard and so strong like photography did and that is why I am here. 

I love my clients and I feel blessed to work with people like them every single day. Inviting me into their lives and during their most intimate moments, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. A big thank you to all my current and future clients. 


Matthew Gambino


Me and my better half