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When Choosing Your Vendors

Choosing the right Vendors; and the one OVERLOOKED credential

When choosing a vendor for you Wedding or Event, there seems to be two credentials that people look for, in this order too. Price and the quality of work they do. Unfortunately, the quality of work is rarely used as much as the first credential, price. There is one more piece to this puzzle that usually gets tossed away, or never brought up in the first place. Motivation.

Remember your school lunch lady? She hated what she did and we knew it. Now maybe there was one year when they changed staff and we happened to have a nice person slopping our sloppy joes onto our trays, but for most of the years, she was a miserable woman who hated us, and the food she gave us. This is because she had no motivation to be in her position, and she would much rather be anywhere else, and doing anything else.

So, what’s my point? My point is that there are many among many vendors out there who have this lunch lady attitude and state of mind, and hate what they are doing. To have a spectacular event, we must have spectacular vendors. Negative unmotivated people are far from spectacular. Sometimes I would even prefer motivation over quality of their work, or at least put them on the same level, with price just under the two. These three credentials is what truly makes your day, whether a Wedding, Sweet 16, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or even Birthday, an amazing one.

Vendors who are motivated and love what they do, bring a special element to your event. They all seem to enhance everyone’s experience at the event, and they all form together to create amazing synergy among your whole party. Always look for people who absolutely love their industry and line of work, no matter if they are in the business for three or for thirty years. Make sure they talk about it with enthusiasm and excitement, and they actually WANT to be there and WANT to make you happy.

Remember the three ingredients and credentials when you book!

-Quality of work and Motivation