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Starting as a Staten Island Photographer

Want to be a full time photographer?

Maybe I can help...

This post is to help those photographers out there looking to start their own business and finally make the huge leap into pursuing professional photography, full time. This will be a short intro to the 'mini book' I am creating to really ignite those dreams of yours and help you along your way as a kind of , business road map, or recipe if you will. The book will be much more in depth and I will go into complete detail on how I started, and how I am going right now. Marketing and Accounting, Post Production and more.

I started out just shooting. Not a wedding, or a party, or a sweet 16. I just started shooting anything. This is when I truly realized I felt completely free and true to myself and I knew this is where I had to end up. The thing is though, I didn't get into this business with money on my mind. In fact, in the beginning, I didn't think of this as a business at all. I thought of it as a way to relax and keep busy at the same time, and also give out and share some of my creativity to my friends and family. Being an ex-guitarist and singer from my teenage years, I missed putting creative material out into the world, and just being me. This was definitely a perfect substitute for me when I retired my long, drawn out, dead-end music career!

So like I said above, just shoot. I walked around my neighborhood shooting pictures of flowers and trees, pets and people, cars and roadkill! (Just kidding about the road kill, but I did shoot squirrels; live ones!) People would eventually see me and my work and ask me to shoot for them. I shot for free at the beginning, even though most people were advising me not too, but again, I didn't care about the money! I did it because I loved it SO much! Emphasis on the SO!

After shooting people and some parties for free, something happened. Someone actually offered me money to do a shoot. At this point I couldn't believe I was about to be paid for something I was willing to do for free! I said to myself, "I must have something here". At that very moment, I quit my job. ( I do not advise you to quit your full time job if you are at this point! I would wait until you are either meeting, or exceeding, your currently monthly pay from your current job, and have a at least 6 months income saved). Either way, I quit my job at that point and boy did it light a fire under me! I said to myself if I can do this once, I can do this 100 times. To be paid and make a career out of something you were originally going to do for free, that is golden.

Think about why you want to do this and make sure it's for the right reasons. Until my mini-book comes out, please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have! I am here to help! I was just a simple Staten Island Photographer by hobby, and now I have a career that I love and I can plan myself to spend time with my family and take great care of my clients in perfect harmony.

Matthew Gambino