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A Perfect Proposal by Victoria Manzo

By Victoria Manzo

A bead of sweat began to form on his brow and he quickly wiped it away so she wouldn’t realize how nervous he was. This shouldn’t be so tricky, he thought. After all, he’d practiced at least a dozen times in the mirror! His whole body on fire and yet numb with anticipation, he finally willed himself to make the move. Kneeling down on one knee, he removed the tiny black box from his pocket. This was it, the big moment. With a conscious effort not to stutter, he finally says, “Will you marry me?” 

Popping the big question is undoubtedly nerve wracking. Although some men are more nervous than others, the pressure is definitely on. Your girlfriend has likely been dreaming about her fantasy proposal for years and you’ve probably been forced to watch plenty of videos of “The perfect, most adorable and romantic proposals,” AKA her “hints.” She’s expecting it to be big and memorable and you know you can’t let her down. 

But what should you do? How can you make it special? What is her fantasy proposal? Bet your wishing you paid more attention to all her hints! 

At the end of the day, you know your partner better than anyone. You know what she likes and dislikes. She may love something big, flashy, and public or maybe she would prefer something more personal, private, and intimate. No matter the preference, it can still be big and special. 

Chances are all she wants of you is a little time and creativity. Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started.

Big and flashy: You’ve got plenty of options here. For one, all of her favorite morning talk shows have proposal segments, especially around Valentine’s Day. If you think that’s something she would appreciate, reach out! Maybe you are both into sports? Take her to a game and do it on the big screen for all to see! If none of that is your scene, a flash mob could be the way to go. Get your friends and families involved and choreograph a song and dance. You don’t have to be a great singer or dancer, it’s just special that you made the effort. Making it big and flashy could be as simple as making a speech to profess your love. You can do it guys, get gushy and sentimental. 

Creating a scavenger hunt can also be a lot of fun! It might take a bit of thought and hard work but its thrilling and a sure way to build up your partner’s excitement and anticipation. Your budget might not include the world’s best fireworks show but if you make an effort, you can still make your proposal sparkle. 

Intimate and romantic: The fancy dinner is a classic. Get all dressed up, purchase some flowers, and buy her an expensive candle lit dinner. If that’s your plan, don’t forget to make the reservation! You can also plan a getaway. It could be for the weekend or even just the day. Plan fun, different, romantic activities to help set the mood. Maybe do something you both have never done before. Go rock climbing, skiing, to an archery lesson, zip lining, on a picnic, or a boat ride. The options here are limitless and it’s sure to make the event an even more memorable occasion. Or do the complete opposite. Take a common couples activity and make it new. If you both typically go bike riding, do it again but this time lead her to a special location to pop the question. Get creative! Make her a collage or scrapbook with a collection of all your favorite memories and pictures. Nothing is more romantic then looking back and recapping all of the best laughs and smiles. Tell the story of your relationship in any way that you can and end it with your proposal. 

You can even leave some space to add to it with your future. Anything will do, as long as she’s with you. Planning a proposal is by far not the easiest task, but all of the work and all of the nerves will be worth it at the end when she smiles and says “Yes!” 

Whatever you do, just don’t forget the ring!