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Take Time For Yourself, Even If Its 30 minutes

By: Matthew Gambino

     Every now and again I try to put myself in a relaxed state of mind. Maybe a notch above meditation but a notch below thinking too critically. The common mistake I used to make with this 'free time' of mine, was nap. Napping put me in a deadened state of mind that I found to be, well, quite worthless.

     Whenever I find myself with this golden nugget of 30 minutes, god bless you if you find more, I like to do what I call, 'Active Relaxation'. How I define this is, doing something physically like walking, playing my guitar, or of course taking pictures, but without putting any thought process into it. I find this to relax half of my brain, the part that does all of my critical thinking, while keeping the other half awake, so I am not in a completely numb state of mind. (Don't quote me on the half and half, yes I know we have more to our brains than two halves).   :)

     I happen to find myself a nugget of time this week and I actually went for a walk. Camera in hand I documented that walk and uploaded the pics right here! Without thinking, focusing, or using my good half of the brain, I would snap pictures of what I saw while in a very relaxed state of mind. I wanted to share those pictures with you guys here! The location was Midland Beach, Staten Island, NY. I felt like a million bucks when I get back! Definitely try it sometime!

Here are the pics!