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How to Make Extra Money in 2017

Earn More in 2017. Here's how:

Everyone likes the idea of an extra income source, or to make just a little extra each month, but not everyone has the time, resources, or stress levels to deal with anything more on their plate.

This is why we created the MGP Affiliate Program. The MGP affiliate program allows you to earn extra cash on the side, all while doing what you do every day to blow off steam, like surfing the web, scanning Facebook and Instagram, or simply just talking to friends and family.

In a nutshell, recommend a client that needs a photographer or videographer, have them book with us, and receive a handsome commission for your referral. At the start, the commission will be 10% of the total booking. For example, if a client’s wedding package comes to $4,500, you will receive $450 just for simply recommending them. After a certain amount of referrals, we will raise your commission percentage to 15% and eventually 20%.

If you’re looking for another way to earn on the side, and your only free time is in front of your computer or on your phone, join us as an affiliate and get started right away. It doesn’t cost you anything to get started and we will supply all the information and content. Most of the time it will be a simple ‘copy and paste method’, when referring our services to potential clients.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Let’s make 2017 your best year yet.

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